You are the land where I was born
but had to leave because a storm
blew me away before I really knew you
it was a storm I could not fight because
you came up for your right to be independent: Indonesia

As a little kid I’ve been here before
I took my first steps on your floor
but far too short to really get to know you
and now I’m standing here again
and I surrender to your land
with every breath I take in Indonesia

You are changing in so many ways
you hardly look like early days
as I can see now I’m returning to you
and I feel how you are on the move
to your own future I feel that groove
with every step I take in Indonesia

And I crossed the city of Bandung
the Puncak and the Ciliwung
I loved this land where ever I was with you
and I did what I’ve never done before
I bowed my head and told to the Lord:
I’m so proud that I was born in Indonesia

Indonesia You are marching to prosperity
democracy and humanity for everyone with
faith in Indonesia and I believe that God
above will guide us with His endless
love and I pray: please send Your love to

Indonesia you’re working on your dream I see
of freedom in diversity for all of your people
now I know you so hold on to your history
and dance on to your destiny and I’ll pray
to God ‘please bless Indonesia’



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